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Want to take charge of your body this summer? Check out our top tips.
How to display a toned body all summer?
Nothing better than a little exercise, a diet that suits you, and, of course, taking care of yourself !
Team up with your body.
Today is the best day to adopt your new summer beauty routine.
Let's go !

One, get ready!

Get ready for a makeover.

Start by Exfoliating your whole body with a Dry Brush…

Do you know dry brushing?
It's a routine to adopt as soon as possible, perfect for gentle exfoliation.
Before the shower, once or twice a week, this eliminates dead cells and accelerates cell renewal. Your skin will be soft and fine, ready for tanning.
Dry brushing helps boost the detoxification of the body by reactivating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage while freeing the pores, in order to promote the evacuation of toxins.

Our Body Slim' Brush effectively targets fatty deposits to leave you with visibly firmer, softer, smoother skin with less "orange peel" effect.

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

Cherry on the Cake: Dry brushing also helps boost the immune system!! ;-)

And to have a nice tan, soft, smooth skin and say goodbye to ingrown hairs, it 's important to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin.
Here is a tip and its zero waste recipe, just for you...

The Slow Cosmetic Scrub with coffee grounds:

• 2 tbsp of coffee grounds for 1 tbsp of Carrot or Sesame oil

Mix the coffee grounds with the oil.
Apply the mix to your skin in circular motions all over your body.
We insist on the trio of recalcitrants: elbows, knees, heels
Coffee grounds erase dead skin and carrot oil provides a healthy glow thanks to vitamin E.

Two, be careful!

In summer, the skin sweats and becomes dehydrated. The pores dilate and the production of sebum increases. What your skin needs today is hydration.
Caulked in winter, your skin needs it more than ever. Assaulted by the sun and swimming or sport, it is dried out and requires more care.

Hydration is first of all to hydrate!

Water should be drunk, at least 1.5 liters per day.
Our body is mainly made up of water… It is therefore essential to renew it regularly.

In the morning, your body calls for water: it has just spent a whole night without any intake.
A large glass of water when you wake up is perfect, your body wakes up faster and it activates all its functions to start the day off right!
And keep your bottle of water handy all day long.

Now that you know how to quench your inner thirst, think about hydrating the skin…

We hydrate, we soothe, we nourish, we pamper your skin on a daily basis.

Feed it at least once a day, twice if you have very dry skin, and imperatively after each scrub.
Choose the texture you like the most: body milk, oil, coconut butter, shea butter.

And to optimize the bronze attitude… here is a little nature tip, add a few drops of carrot essential oil to your moisturizing Scrunchie!! Instant shine guaranteed!

Of course, as always, we only expose ourselves under suitable sun protection: it's Your Bodyguard for the Summer ;-)

Also remember, that beauty begins on the plate...
So, choose foods rich in beta-carotene, omega 3, zinc and vitamins A, E and C.
Give pride of place to carrots, tomatoes (with the skin), peppers, spinach, broccoli, wheat germ, vegetable oils and fresh seasonal fruits (melon, apricot, peach, kiwi, etc.).

Finally, do yourself some good: relaxation and happiness, no active ingredient is more powerful for taking care of your body!

Three, massage!

Massaging is as effective as exfoliation or dry brushing to boost cell renewal, erase cellulite, orange peel skin, stretch marks and fight against tissue slackening, but gently.
You do not know any of these worries?
Massage yourself anyway (and enjoy your chance): to tone and soften the skin, activate circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin.

Associated with good assets and good tools , it is THE secret to take care of your body.

It's up to you to play with our Body Collection, tools designed for your well-being, such as the Gua Sha Body in Crystal Quartz or the Roll On Body Slim, find them, too, in a perfect kit to prepare and maintain your body for Summer is BODY SLIM' SET (QUARTZ CRYSTAL)

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools
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