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Discover the Benefits of Cold - Guaranteed Glowy Complexion - Anti-Aging - Lifting

Cryotherapy has the effect of reducing the caliber of the vessels (vasoconstriction), of reducing pain and helping to reabsorb hematomas, it is a method of treatment with cold that has proven its worth, especially in sports athletes. high level.

Today we can take advantage of all its benefits to take care of our face!

The benefits of cryotherapy are multiple, it is an exceptional treatment for the skin, the cold helps to sublimate the complexion, to act on the signs of aging, while tightening the pores for firmer skin, smooth and plump.

The cold is also an excellent anti-inflammatory (ideal for acne for example), it relieves pain and irritation.

The principle is very simple: the ice stimulates blood circulation, thus reducing wrinkles or delaying their appearance.

It is advisable to massage your face for a few minutes every day before applying makeup to obtain all the benefits!

Our CRYO tools have been designed to make cold your best beauty ally.

The skin regains radiance and firmness, pores are tightened, puffiness and dark circles are reduced, the appearance of wrinkles is delayed, blood circulation is revived.

Lifting facial features, toning the skin, it is a major anti-aging ally.

The results are almost immediate and the effect is long-lasting.

Facial cryotherapy, cold at your service

The cold has a vasoconstrictor effect, which on the skin results in the tightening of pores and limits the production of sebum.

Pores are less visible, skin texture is refined and sebum is regulated!

And, if for example, you have pimples, mechanically, the application of cold will reduce their size. To regain healthy skin, apply the tool directly to the affected area for one minute.

Self-massage with Face Cryotherapy tools therefore also helps to reduce the caliber of blood vessels and calm inflammation.

And, remember… For a perfect result, the regularity of the care is the Key ;-)

It is in your skin routine's interest to enrich yourself with these precious tools, your beauty capital will be optimized in an incredible way.

Also think of the undisputed virtues of self-massage of the face, anti-stress it calms, it is a form of meditation within everyone's reach, an incomparable beauty secret.

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

Used daily, the combination of cold and self-massage will quickly become your best ally for a perfect complexion.

Their mechanical action is specially designed for skin firming and tissue drainage on sensitive parts of the face.

The complexion regains all its radiance. The icy effect revives tired faces, the epidermis is sublimated and smoothed.

Perfect technique to get a glowy complexion in minutes!

Against puffy eyes?

Whether it's because you've cried too much from laughing or because you're tired, or for any other reason that makes you wake up with puffy eyes, thanks to the application of Gua Sha Cryo, the puffiness will resorb on contact with cold.

As a decongestant treatment.

The action of Roll On , Gua Sha or CRYO Spoons stimulates microcirculation and gradually deflates the skin.

Position the tool over your closed eyes for two minutes, making light circular movements in the most deformed areas and you're done!

All Cryo Tools can be stored in the freezer, it is recommended to take them out 10 minutes before the treatment for optimal and safe use.

Move the tools continuously over the skin for 5 minutes, rather than placing them on one area for too long. Except to treat imperfections, acne, or in these specific cases, it is advisable to remain static for a minute on the area to be treated.

Note that you could also apply an ice cube to your face and neck to achieve almost similar effects to using the Face Cryo Tools. But the format is small, the ice cube tends to melt as soon as it is applied, the edges are a little sharp and handling is complicated.

If you're sensitive to the skin-icing trend or if your skin is very reactive, Cryo tools are there for you.

Our tools have the ideal format for optimized care, perfectly adapted to the face and no icy water running everywhere...

It's simple and much more comfortable ;-)

Last little tips before discovering our Cryo tools…

  • Remember to do your treatment on skin that has been perfectly cleansed of all impurities and make-up residue!
  • And, once the self-massage is done, don't forget to apply a moisturizer (or your usual cream) to complete your beauty routine.

Find our entire CRYO range, designed for your well-being and created especially to easily preserve your beauty capital.

Discover the first collection of CRYO tools for the face!

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools


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