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Gua Sha refers to both a practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , and the tool associated with it.

For this ancient healing method, during the Ming Dynasty, between 1368 and 1644, pieces of smooth jade, bones, animal tusks, horns were used to scrape along the skin to release the obstruction pores and toxins trapped on the surface of the skin.

"Gua" means "scratch", while "Sha" means "sand"
We could say that it is about scraping the disease, the inflammation or some type of discomfort from the body in general, by the massage on the skin.

The tool has been brought up to date, it is now made from fine stones, such as Rose Quartz, green Aventurine... to massage the area of ​​the body or face, with an oil by upward movements, or by a quick and gentle but vigorous scraping motion.

Rose Quartz Face Gua Sha By Roll On Jade

Which technique to apply with a Gua Sha?

Use 3 to 15 min on clean, cleansed skin with an oil/serum applied beforehand.

Place the tool in the fridge for a few minutes to decongest or in hot water to relax.

Prepare your lymph glands by massaging them (at the base of the neck and around the collarbones)

  1. Start at the level of the forehead by smoothing with the Gua Sha semi-flat, from the center outwards, then from the bottom up.
  1. Smooth with the tip flat, along the eyebrow line to sculpt.
  1. Decongest the eye contour, smoothing flat from the inside out, applying light pressure, then with your eyes closed, smooth from the inside out. Perform small, delicate pumping movements with the tip of the Gua Sha.
    To work on fine lines, massage in a grid pattern with the tip of the Gua Sha at 90° on the skin, more intensely and quickly on crow's feet wrinkles.
  1. Then, to sculpt the cheekbones, massage starting from the nose, passing under the cheekbone then go up towards the ears with the widest edge and the Gua Sha semi-flat.
  1. Sculpt the oval of the face by passing under the chin and smoothing up to the ears with the hollow edge of the Gua Sha, at 90°.
  1. To work the double chin, place the Gua Sha in the middle of the neck and quickly go up to the underside of the chin.
  1. Finish the drainage by going down to the level of the neck, smooth from the top to the bottom of the neck to the neckline, the Gua Sha semi-flat.

Repeat 5 to 10 times. This massage fits easily into your daily routine, morning and evening.

In the morning, it wakes up the skin and in the evening, it promotes relaxation.

Count at least three minutes of massage, up to fifteen if you have the time!

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This technique can be applied to the fine muscles of the head and face, but always with tender movements.
As a reminder: the massage is always done from bottom to top and from the inside out, starting from the neck and ending with the forehead!
The gesture is light and if some redness may appear, they are most often only temporary ;-)

What are the effects ?

Immediate relief of muscle tension and knots in the face, neck and shoulders.
Improved movement of lymphatic fluids.

Self-massage with a Gua Sha reduces facial wrinkles, like a gentle and natural facelift, which also allows you to have less puffy eyes and clearer cheekbones...

Thanks to daily use, this new beauty routine will offer your skin all its lasting and instant benefits:

  • Boosts the radiance of the face, you have a glowing complexion in a few minutes, Bye Bye the dull complexion!
  • Decongests the face, especially dark circles and reduces bags under the eyes for a guaranteed anti-aging effect.
  • Smoothes and firms the skin, movement stimulates the production of collagen, essential for skin suppleness and firmness.
  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation for better tissue oxygenation, facilitating the arrival of nutrients for brighter and better nourished skin.
  • Drains toxins, for smoother, healthier and clearer skin.
  • Relaxes muscles and releases tension.
  • On the forehead and scalp, the use of Gua Sha can stimulate hair growth.
  • Facilitates the absorption of products and increases their benefits tenfold.

Which Gua Sha to choose?

The choice of stone is linked to Lithotherapy . According to this practice, the stones and crystals emit vibrations which influence the energy points, or meridians.
Each type of stone or crystal impacts different points, with different effects on the skin.
For example, Rose Quartz is soothing, Green Aventurine purifying, Black Obsidian anti-aging...
You can also choose to change the stone according to the season, the time of day or your state of mind.

The most well-known shape of the tool is that of a flat, asymmetrical and curved heart.

Like the GUA SHA TOUCH' LIFT (ROSE QUARTZ) which has two long edges, one hollowed out and the other rounded, a soft tip and a wavelet.

Find different variations of shape and stones, all allowing different positions by discovering all our relaxing, stimulating and smoothing Gua Shas, here: Face Gua Sha Collection

You know everything, or almost, now, about this fabulous tool.
A must-have for skincare, Your new Beauty Secret…

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