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Discover cold therapy

Have you ever resorted to applying something very cold to a hematoma?

Remember the effect felt… Soothing the pain, immediate relief, attenuation of the “blue”, it was a way of applying Cryotherapy!

Used since Antiquity, Cold, in the form of baths, was added to warm and hot rooms, revealing a complete action, thanks to the differences in temperature. The thermal baths will be recognized throughout the world, for irrefutable benefits on our health, Cryotherapy was born.

Validated by numerous scientific studies around the world, it has been developed in several forms over time.

In the 1990s, athletes adopted this principle to optimize physical recovery (venous return, blood pressure, endorphin secretion) and for the treatment of pain, thanks to its analgesic action.

Today, Cryotherapy has become the secret weapon of high-level athletes, in spray on the ground, in immersion in a chamber, it is guaranteed muscle recovery after exercise and a guaranteed energy boost.

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In cold baths, in a box, these different applications with immediate effects, reduce pain, reduce the caliber of blood vessels, stimulate circulation and help to reduce hematomas...

The Derivative Baths are also an application of cold therapy. They remove the thick, “bad” fats that lie directly under the skin. They also help to properly nourish the muscles and densify the bones. The Derivative Baths thus contribute to the regeneration of the organism.

The benefits of cryotherapy, which have already been proven in medicine, are now available to wellness.

What are the effects ?

This exposure to intense cold acts as a powerful stimulator and triggers a cascade of physiological reactions. (including the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormone) .

Cryotherapy also has positive effects on cell renewal, it can act favorably against stress, depression and insomnia.

For our greatest pleasure, it is becoming more democratic today and becomes accessible to all by localized cryotherapy, to target certain areas of the body.

Tools also exist to act locally and meet various needs...

- Thermal cushions or cold pack, to be placed on the affected area, to anesthetize the pain.

- In the hair sector, Inverse straighteners, cold straighteners, whose temperatures can reach -16°C , freeze the locks one by one, to strengthen the hair...

And, for the Face, for example, we now have Automassage tools at your fingertips!

Cryotherapy is available, now, for everyone at home, on a daily basis; - )

Placed in the freezer, they allow an application directly on the skin, more efficient than ice cubes and without the disadvantages...

Ideal remedy, ease of use and efficiency, everything we love!

And, unlike traditional cryotherapy which is not recommended to all (especially for people with heart problems) , facials to be done at home do not present any risk.

Thanks to Cryotherapy Tools for the Face , we can now enjoy all these treasures of benefits on a daily basis.

Their action stimulates blood circulation, blurring thus wrinkles or delaying their appearance, but not only!

At the house of roll On Jade, we exclusively offer you a wide range of Facial Cryotherapy Tools, think for your daily well-being.

The cold associated with massage movements...

This is the beauty secret of an anti-aging effect, like a natural facelift, just with a Roll-On or a Gua Sha Cryo .

They are very easy and so pleasant to use, for daily skin care.
For a wonderfully complexion Glowing...

Do you want to know more about our Cryotherapy Range?

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