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Roll On Jade, founded in 2018, is a French brand that specializes in innovative beauty products infused with the energy of crystals. They also incorporate well-known Asian beauty techniques. What sets Roll On Jade apart is its strong family connection, driven by a deep and harmonious bond between a mother and daughter. Since its inception, their mission has been to make beauty and well-being rituals accessible to everyone, inside and out. They achieve this by using natural and highly effective products rooted in ancient traditions.

The secrets of creation:

The story behind their creation is heartwarming. It all started in late 2017 when Melody, who had been passionate about lithotherapy and natural remedies for a long time, decided to pursue a Traditional Chinese Medicine course. During her studies, she discovered the captivating world of gua sha, along with other facial and body massage tools like roll-ons and suction cups. Intrigued by the transformative power of "energized beauty" from within, Melody enthusiastically involved her mother in this adventure. Together, they embraced their shared passion, laying the groundwork for Roll On Jade—a genuine narrative infused with love, eager to be shared with a wide audience through this beautiful French brand


A word from the Founder, Melody: "I have always loved discovering and sharing well-being tips with my entourage, in particular, natural beauty tips, sometimes forgotten for centuries and yet which were essential thousands of years ago. years. I also had the chance to go to a famous school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paris and I have always been passionate about lithotherapy and natural tricks. This is how I simply fell into this world and that I was able to discover these ancient jewels of Asian beauty, the real gestures associated in practice and their real benefits on the face and body, still very little known in the West. All this associated with the energetic values ​​of the stones, which for me, was essential to the ancestral beauty tool (originally made of pure jade stone).It was for me a real no-brainer to create this brand, to bring these very innovative products to France at that time, since , when we started the adventure, there were still no other concepts like this and we had to completely train and inform our customers. We wanted to offer suitable products of very high quality allowing you to take care of your skin naturally and easily from home. It was important for us that it be within everyone's reach but while being of the finest quality, handmade and respecting traditions and stone, so without any chemical treatment, without questionable materials, without imitation of jade or what do I know... The current world is constantly chasing time, our goal not being to stop it but simply to make it profitable for everyone, by allowing you to form a bubble well -be effective in a few minutes a day, to become aware of the exterior and interior and to take care of it, you will see, the results are there."