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"A Roll-On to use to massage the body after showering." Gala

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Heavy legs
Lack of firmness
Water retention

Body Slim' Roller

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Seen live
Heavy legs
Lack of firmness
Water retention

Bigger and stronger. Massaging yourself with the Body Slim' Roller effectively drains the lymph and eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation, helps the skincare products penetrate.

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  • Breaks down fats after using your body Gua Sha
  • Smoothes, firms and prevents water retention

rolloncorpsseul-Roll On Jade
Roll-On Body seul
49.90 €
Duo Gua Sha Slim'
bundlerollonslimguashanobackground-Roll On Jade
Roll-On + Gua Sha
94.32 €
104.80 €
Pack Body Slim'
rolloncorpsbrosseguashabundle-Roll On Jade
Roll-On + Brosse + Gua Sha
98.96 €
123.70 €

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Why choose the Body Slim' Roller?

Just as Rollers for the face, our Body Slim' Roller will allow the massage and stimulation of your body. It can be used on all areas of the body such as the legs, stomach, arms... It is more robust and with nubs to stimulate the skin of the body more deeply. It is composed of Crystal Quartz, an anti-water retention stone.

Massaging the body with the Roll-On allows you to drain the lymph, boost blood circulation, break up fatty deposits, for a firmier skin.

Robust 100% natural stone Anti-water retention

3 minutes of wellness. Daily.


Provides an intense feeling of wellbeing

Skin gym is also about everyday wellbeing, a moment to yourself. The Body Slim' Roller allows for real physical improvement but also relaxation of tension and muscles.

Stimulates & breaks fat

Our unique Crystal Quartz body Roller (anti-water retention stone) helps stimulate microcirculation, drain, get rid of and break down fat on the legs, thighs, stomach and arms.

Effective body care

The Roller for the body is one of the most renowned tool for the body. It dynamically stimulates, tones and drains all parts of the body.

Smooths & firms

Massaging the body with the tools allows you to target fatty deposits, cellulite and water retention. The skin is visibly firmer, firmer and smoother with less “orange peel” effect.

The morning or night ritual

The Body Slim' Roller is not made for using it alone. Follow this 10-minute routine for a firmer skin.


3 min of dry brushing

Before the shower, dry brush your body. We begin lymphatic drainage, that stimulates immunity and helps reducing cellulite.

ROUTINE_PRODUCT_SECTION_21_44d21f3c-c964-4433-9111-028a187957aa-Roll On Jade

Take a shower

Taking a shower is also the time to exfoliate your body if you wish and prepare it for the massage.


3 min of Gua Sha massage

Apply your body oil and perform massages with your body Gua Sha to stimulate, sculpt and massage the body in depth.


3 min of Roller massage

Finishing the body Gua Sha work with the Roller is one of the best firming combos for the body.

Body Slim' Pack

The ideal slim body pack for a firmier skin.

Mélody, co-founder Roll On Jade

“Instant results on skin quality”

"Having issues with circulation and water retention like many women, using my body tools helps me feel lighter, and visibly drains, firms and smooths my skin. They are part of my daily routine..."

3MIN_PRODUCT_SECTION_310_x_510_px_9-Roll On Jade
Just after
3MIN_PRODUCT_SECTION_310_x_510_px_11-Roll On Jade
Les résultats peuvent varier en fonction de la peau. Chaque peau est différente.


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