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Utiliser le Ridoki sur le Corps-Roll On Jade

Use the Ridoki on the Body

You may know the ridoki for the face?

Discover now the Ridoki body and all the benefits of its use. The Ridoki body, a small essential tool in your body care routine, this small metallic Roll-On from traditional Chinese medicine is a tool extremely renowned for its effectiveness on the skin and much more.

Thanks to its spikes, it deeply boosts the body's microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, it boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin for more supple and firmer skin. It is very effective in targeting especially on scars or stretch marks for example.

Ridoki Body Roll On Jade

How to use the ridoki?

Use 1-5 min after showering dry or with a natural firming oil applied beforehand. Use the Ridoki after all other body tools ( Gua Sha and Roll-On ). Use the Ridoki on the parts that need to be stimulated, targeted more deeply. Start with the calves if you wish, starting from the bottom up, massage dynamically in a straight line then in targeted grids on the areas where you need it.

Then, at the level of the thighs starting from the knee to the top of the thigh by making dynamic straight lines, once again, and targeted grids (for example at the level of the saddlebags or inside the thighs). Go to the belly starting from the navel down to the belly and in grids. You can then use the Ridoki on your arms and the rest of your body.

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