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Qu’est-ce que la cryothérapie ?-Roll On Jade

What is cryotherapy?

Today, cryotherapy has gained a lot of momentum because its benefits are beginning to be understood by a large number of people. Here, athletes use this practice to be able to recover after more or less chronic pain. It is even possible to use cryotherapy to recover after surgery.
This therapy is also useful for managing stress and for getting a good night's sleep. Treating yourself to a few cryotherapy sessions is very beneficial for women who want to get rid of warts. Under these conditions, what really is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy: definition and different forms

Discovered in the 70s in Japan by doctor Toshima Yamauchi, the
cryotherapy means applying cold to the body. It is a kind of therapy that uses cold to treat many ailments. In other words, it involves exposing the skin to a very low temperature. This allows, of course, to lower the temperature on the part of the body treated in order to release endorphins. Result: we experience a feeling of well-being. Better still, significant pain relief is noted.
This application of cold can be done locally or generally. First, localized cryotherapy consists of treating a targeted part of the body by projecting a jet of cold onto it. To do this, you can make use of an appropriate material that produces cold. These include, among other things, scoops of ice cream whose properties are:
• The stimulation ;
• Firming;
• Decongestion;
• Ionization.

Then we have whole body cryotherapy. Here, you have to wear a particular garment that protects all the extremities of the body. After which it is necessary to enter a cryotherapy chamber to follow the treatment by inducing a thermal shock on the body. The objective is the vasoconstriction and the stimulation of the thermal receptors which are at the level of the skin. The result obtained is remarkable: reduction of pain and anti-inflammation.

The benefits of cryotherapy

Whether localized or global, there are many benefits provided by
cryotherapy. In reality, it is not uncommon to observe, in a significant way,
improvements in rheumatology, dermatology, neurology or traumatology.
If an athlete wishes to regain his full form after a hard sporting activity, the
whole body cryotherapy is recommended. Feelings of fatigue disappear and tense muscles relax.

In the beauty sector in general, and particularly in dermato-venereology, this technique finds its place. To tell the truth, under the effect of cryotherapy, certain benign lesions likely to tarnish your charm disappear , such as certain warts or spots...
Several tools today allow you to obtain superb results from your home . Why not opt ​​for our cryotherapy collection?

In short, you have ultra-effective tools to accompany you throughout your skincare routine and even between your cryo or spa treatment sessions in the clinic.
Discover our cryotherapy articles at Roll On Jade

You will be able to discover our Roll-On cryo (perfect for daily use, especially in the morning and on your fabric masks, for example, to increase the effects of the treatment tenfold). You will also find our special cryotherapy gua sha (very effective for toning, smoothing and sculpting your skin), but also our cryo Spoons (for a little more professional/intensive use, ideal for facial massage, especially around the eyes , but also the neck and décolleté for example.)
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