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Stress de la rentrée - Les Soins Beauté-Roll On Jade

Back-to-school stress - Beauty Treatments

As the start of the new school year approaches, students, parents and also some teachers are feeling anxious. A very normal phenomenon, back-to-school stress is due to apprehension of a change in balance. It manifests itself in various ways.

This is the case of insomnia, anxiety attacks, etc. It is essential to get rid of them in order to start the new school year well. To achieve this, there are several solutions including the products offered by RollOnJade . This is the place to discover the products allowing you to put an end to the stress of the new school year.

The Body Slim Brush to treat back-to-school stress symptoms

The body slim brush stimulates the whole skin to relaunch the micro circulation of the blood. In this way, it allows all the organs to lose their tension in order to reach an optimal level of relaxation. It is a fact that back-to-school stress can generate toxins. This brush, which is used dry, strengthens the lymphatic system. As a result, there is a better elimination of toxins and metabolic waste.

In addition, anxiety causes a high production of cortisol in the body. When this so-called “stress” hormone is in excess, there is water retention in the body. As a result, the skin swells and presents an orange appearance. The body slim brush is an excellent tool for removing excess water so that the skin becomes smooth and soft again. Ultimately, with this cleaning utensil, the user experiences fewer symptoms related to back-to-school stress .

Mini Energized Candle "Inspire" against back-to-school stress

To help them counter the stress of back-to-school , RollOnJade offers its customers (teens and adults) its “Inspire” mini energized candle . Natural, this candle has been infused with the following elements:

  • Lapis Lazuli/Blue Apatite crystals;
  • sprigs of dried lavender;
  • sandalwood.

In addition, this candle bewitches its user. This is made possible thanks to its delicate fragrance with very subtle notes brought by Darjeeling Tea. Its daily use is a guarantee of serenity, appeasement and significant reduction of back-to-school stress . All of its properties are basically related to Lapis Lazuli considered to be related to the 3rd eye chakra .

Ice Balls: the cryo-therapeutic solution to reduce back-to-school stress

The scoops of ice cream signed by RollOnJade are a miracle remedy against back-to-school stress. Original and fun, they are easy to use for facial massage. Their deep action allows the skin to regain its youthful texture. It is firmed and decongested. An application of this ball in the hollow of the neck or the nape of the neck has surprises in store for you. This means that it puts the whole body in a state of relaxation. This has the advantage of significantly reducing back-to-school stress .

What's more, there is something very original with RollOnJade's ice cream scoops. In fact, first of all, they provide a better quality of care than a simple scoop of ice cream. Then, the user does not have cold fingers during use, because they are equipped with protection against the cold.

Comforting "Bloom" Energized Mist

RollOnJade's unique signature, Bloom Energized Mist is an exquisite product with comforting properties. It presents several flowery notes for an intense refreshment. Mist impregnated with natural crystals of Labradorite, it purifies the environment of the person subject to the stress of the start of the school year . It allows you to say goodbye to insomnia thanks to the energy it diffuses delicately. The effectiveness of Bloom Energized Mist is unparalleled. This is proof that the RollOnJade researchers were right to devote several months of research to this product.

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