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Our vibrant Rose Quartz Roll On that you love so much now has a little brother! The Vibrant Roll-On in Green Aventurine! You can now change Roll-On according to the needs of your skin and your energies by alternating according to your desire between Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine.

What are the properties of Green Aventurine ?

It is the Stone of zenitude par excellence!
Very anti-stress, it develops self-control. It helps to develop new ideas while helping to develop compassion and tolerance for others. It helps to make the right choices. It is the most recognized anti-blemish stone, it helps to fight against acne , acne micro-cysts, excessive sebum secretions and improves skin texture in general. She calms and soothes.

Teenagers in full puberty learning to take care of their skin, in sometimes painful transition to all people taking public transport to go to work or even those affected by this new current scourge: the Mascné..
Many could benefit from the virtues that this tool offers by combining speed and efficiency.

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools
What routine with the Vibrant Roll-On in Green Aventurine ?

Imagine waking up with very little time in front of you before leaving, so here is what we offer:

- Wash your skin with a natural cleanser suitable for your skin type.

- Apply your treatment, such as a moisturizing cream, serum or oil.

- Turn on your Vibrating Roll-On in Aventurine and massage your entire face, it will multiply the effectiveness of the treatments thanks to the sonic vibrations it is equipped with. 6,000 vibrations per minute! This massage should last about 5 minutes no more!

- Do not forget, also, to wipe your Roll-On Vibrant!
A well-maintained tool is a tool that will serve you long and efficiently.

- Apply adequate sun protection, and yes, even in November, even if it's gray.

- You are ready to face the world!

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

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