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You might be wondering what the differences are between a Roll-On and a Gua Sha . In any case, this question comes up very often! Roll on jade explains everything...

Note that they are very complementary tools and we strongly encourage you to have and use both, one after the other or alternately, as desired.

The roll-on in detail:

It is a very fun and easy to use tool. It is very effective in lymphatic drainage. We use a roll-on more easily than a gua sha for example. You can very well use a dry roll-on on clean skin or with a treatment (oil, serum or cream) to help effective penetration, more than 70% of the effectiveness of a treatment comes from a good massage and it's scientifically proven. Its use is simple and fast. See it as a kind of facial modeling, compared to gua sha, which massages / scrapes the skin more deeply, but not only...

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

What Benefits?

Massaging with a roll on allows you to drain the lymph and eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, make skincare products penetrate more quickly and increase their effectiveness, decongest the eye area by reducing puffiness, dark circles, but also the sinuses, to massage and relax certain muscles and tensions of the face, to stimulate the production of collagen. To visibly improve skin texture, to fight against aging by smoothing the first wrinkles and fine lines, but also to fight against sagging skin.

And the Gua Sha ?

It is called the "natural facelift" at Roll On Jade, it is an ultra-effective tool for in-depth tissue work, at the level of the lymph, skin but also muscles!

It requires more dexterity and a little more advanced control, so as not to make bad gestures. Massaging yourself with a gua sha therefore requires more time and effort.

Gua in Chinese means "scratch" and Sha means "sand" or in other words "stagnations of cold": evils. It therefore allows to evacuate the evils according to its use.

Many Benefits for your Face are available to you.
Massage with Gua Sha allows a deep lymphatic drainage, it also allows to sculpt the oval of the face and to work in depth the skin, but also all the muscles and tensions of the face. Fight against slackening and skin aging by deeply stimulating collagen, which therefore firms the skin and visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It also reactivates blood circulation, eliminates puffiness and dark circles and smoothes skin texture to improve its appearance day by day.

So we can say that our Roll-Ons and our Gua Shas work together, conjointly, to deeply improve the skin on a daily basis.

Do not forget the energy powers of the stones!
And yes, you can very well choose a Gua Sha and a Roll-On made in two different stones to take advantage of the different energetic benefits that these bring to us on a physical, energetic and psychic level.

And There you go !

You know everything about the differences between these two tools, you are ready to embark on the ROJ adventure, or to continue it.

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

For any other information or guide contact us at

+33 1 84 60 17 73 (11AM TO 4PM MON-FRI)

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  • Novo

    Bonjour je ne trouve pas sur le site comment purifier et recharger la pierre cordialement

  • tavernier

    J’ai acheté le cryo gua sha, mais j’aimerais bien trouver un tuto pour faire les bons gestes, et je n’en trouve nulle part. Sauriez-vous me renseigner?
    Je vous remercie par avance. Bonne journée.

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