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Our Roll-on V Shape is perfectly suited for sculpting the contours of the face, so today we are going to learn how to sculpt our cheekbones and the oval of our face using the Roll-On V Shape !! Let's go!

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

Preparation and method of massage

Before any massage, remember to prepare the lymphatic drainage by pumping with the pulp of the fingers at the level of the neck, under the ears on both sides then at the level of the collarbones on both sides, also, repeat 5 times.

Take your Roll-On V Shape , place it at the top of the neck under the ears, in the same place as for the push-ups and massage from top to bottom by catching the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle, it's ultra pleasant, you see, repeat 5 times on both sides. Note that sagging skin also comes from the neck if it is not massaged and stimulated, it causes facial tissue to sag.

Let's go to the oval of the face, start from the chin and follow the lines of your face until you reach the end of the jaw, near the ear. This massage requires exerting a little more force on the tool, it is an area that requires work to be sculpted! You will probably feel small knots and it's a good sign, you will soften them and evacuate stored tensions and toxins. Perform the gesture 5 times on both sides.

For the cheekbones, place your tool where your cheekbone begins, very close to your nose so that it hugs the cheekbone and that the cheekbone is not crushed by the tool. roll it up Roll-On V Shape with light pressure to the base of the hair. Perform the gesture 5 times on both sides.

There you go, speed and ease of use

In just 5 minutes a day, you can perform this massage for maximum effectiveness, performing it just after or before your treatments to prepare your skin! It's up to you.

Please always massage on clean skin and clean your tool thoroughly after use.

I discover Roll On Jade's Cryo Facial Tools

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