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Les meilleures techniques anti-cernes-Roll On Jade

The best concealer techniques

Winter fatigue and dark circles or bags under the eyes sometimes appear unexpectedly, whatever your lifestyle. There are several solutions to obtain a fresh look in a few minutes. Among these, eye patches: this skincare product is the most popular for fighting dark circles. The patches with moisturizing active ingredients will allow the eyes to regain a fresh, smooth and luminous appearance.

What are the best anti-dark circles eye patches?

The Roll On Jade decongestant patches contain a marine hydrogel with unrivaled effectiveness: the active ingredient causes an immediate feeling of freshness and helps protect and increase the hydration of the skin. A real blessing for winter when the skin tends to become dry, including around the eyes.

If you have a fragile eye area, and you want to reduce or prevent crow's feet wrinkles, choose nourishing eye patches based on aloe vera for example. In addition to preventing fine lines, it is a treatment that, in just a few minutes, brightens the face.

Two other methods can be practiced following the patches and increase their effectiveness: cryotherapy (at home) and the application of an antioxidant oil.

Gua Sha and Roll-On Cryo to relax the eyes in the morning

Cryotherapy tools help to soothe the eyes even faster. You must apply them to your treatment (your eye patches or your oil). The action of cold relieves inflammation and produces firmer, smoother skin. A real joy early in the morning!

Cryotherapy advice: place cryotherapy tools in the refrigerator or freezer. Then, make sure to use them 15 minutes after taking them out of the cold.

A sublimating and antioxidant oil

An oil with anti-stain properties is the ultimate step in a routine for a fresh look all day long. Roll On Jade dry oil has been developed to suit all skin types and brightens the eyes thanks to an active ingredient from licorice and rice. As a bonus: niacinamide, naturally present in precious organic avocado oil , present in dry oil , has powerful anti-dark circles and anti-aging properties, ideal for preventing crow's feet wrinkles.

Apply the dry oil after your cryotherapy massage routine and patches to maintain tissue hydration, brighten and enhance the look.

Find here the most effective Roll On Jade Cryo tools to relax the eyes.

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