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Maintenir une peau hydratée même en hiver avec des produits "clean beauty"-Roll On Jade

Maintain hydrated skin even in winter with “clean beauty” products

Hydration is the most effective anti-aging action for smooth skin. When temperatures drop and winter sets in, moisturizing and anti-aging active ingredients are even more important. But how do you find the most effective, nourishing and clean products?

Keep skin young with moisturizing products with natural formulas

Hydrating sure values: precious oils

Precious vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil, prove to be great allies in protecting the skin from external aggressions (such as the cold) and in moisturizing for a long time. These natural oils, regularly present in clean beauty products, moisturize without leaving a greasy film.

Favor treatments based on precious oils from organic farming, such as Roll On Jade Dry Oil . Jojoba, pomegranate and avocado oils combine the best moisturizing, regulating and enhancing benefits for the skin.

Marine active ingredients: boosted hydration

Marine active ingredients have clinically proven superpowers: hydrogel or Fucogel®, derived from polysaccharides (red algae), help sensitive or inflamed skin to recover and maximize hydration.

Choose the Roll On Jade hydrating plumping mask : no cotton, this one is made from 100% natural bio-cellulose, resulting from the fermentation of coconut water. Its formula based on hyaluronic acid and Fucogel® provides ultra-effective hydration that soothes and gives the skin a soft and rejuvenated appearance.

What about makeup?

Makeup products that we apply to our skin sometimes have synthetic compositions that can be irritating or dry out the skin. Our advice: as with skin care, favor makeup products produced by French brands, in France. European regulations apply to laboratories.

In terms of composition, makeup can also be based on natural and moisturizing active ingredients. This is the case of Pomponne Makeup moisturizing lipstick made with aloe vera, shea butter and wild mango butter. For lips that no longer dry out in winter!

Right now on rollonjade.com , receive your Pomponne Makeup lipstick for free in the shade “Blush”, from 70€ of purchases! This is the opportunity to take care of your skin with clean beauty products designed for your well-being.

The daily ritual: tips for optimal hydration in winter

For an effective winter routine, take into account the importance of hydration from the inside: drinking enough water, unsweetened teas or herbal teas, and consuming foods rich in water and nutrients will help maintain a healthy radiant and hydrated skin.

As a reminder, get as a gift, exceptionally at the moment, a moisturizing lipstick in “Blush” shade from the French brand Pomponne Makeup!

Please note, the offer is limited while stocks last...

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