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Notre huile protectrice préférée, anti-imperfections, anti-tâches et anti-rides-Roll On Jade

Our favorite protective oil, anti-imperfections, anti-spots and anti-wrinkles

Oils have invaluable properties for maintaining youthful skin and eliminating imperfections, redness and spots.

Roll On Jade has spent over a year developing the oil that can perform all of these functions, while also certifying it for use with Roll On Jade massage tools, such as Gua Sha and Ridoki .

We explain everything about this protective oil, to use in winter and summer.

A formula based on three of the most effective organic oils

The desire was born to create a unique formulation, a treatment that is suitable for everyone, including skin prone to irritation, eczema and fine lines. The formula also had to be suitable and act on these problems.

Roll On Jade then created its very first cosmetic treatment, after several tests, until obtaining impressive clinical results* for its final version.

3 precious oils from organic farming, all non-comedogenic, have been chosen in order to obtain the best benefits for the face from the first application.

Jojoba oil deeply nourishes the skin, without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It is known to regulate sebum production - while hydrating .

Avocado oil is an oil made from avocado pulp. It is an essential oil to naturally fight against skin aging , thanks to its high niacinamide content. It is also one of the most famous oils for protecting the eye area and reducing dark circles.

Pomegranate oil is an antioxidant, anti-aging, suitable for fragile skin. It soothes and nourishes the skin. This oil is one of the key ingredients of Roll On Jade Dry Oil, because it acts effectively on mature skin as well as sensitive and irritated skin, to soothe and heal.

Discover or re-discover the Roll On Jade Dry Oil HERE .

Anti-pigment spot and protective ingredients

There are key ingredients which make the Dry Oil effective against pigment spots: the marshmallow active ingredient is anti-brown spots. Associated with the golden algae active ingredient, Roll On Jade Dry Oil protects against UV rays and external aggressions (pollution, etc.).

Thus, the formula innovates to offer a versatile product, which hydrates and enhances, targets pigment spots and acne-related spots and soothes in cases of redness.

It is also a skin care product made for use with massage tools (and even certified).

Get youthful skin faster with Dry Oil and massage tools

By using it with Ridoki , you act directly on microcirculation and collagen production . The skin is therefore hydrated and plumped, thanks to the hydrating and healing formula of Dry Oil and the pimples of Ridoki. Simply make small grids on the areas where you want to treat wrinkles and fine lines (crow's pate, nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, etc.).

The Roll-On is also the ideal tool to maximize the penetration of dry oil into the skin and obtain all the benefits. Choose a natural stone Roll-On with healing properties, such as the Anti-aging Rose Quartz Roll-On .

The Dry Oil + Ridoki Gold Duo is 10% off on rollonjade.com . To take advantage of it, click HERE .

*Clinical study carried out under dermatological control*

Results within 21 days:
+95% for a more even complexion, smoother skin texture and nourished skin.
+100% for a treatment that suits all skin types, without causing spots.
+91% for skin that appears visibly younger, firmer, plumped and plump with smoothed fine lines and wrinkles.

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