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Is it difficult for you to choose the stone that would suit your needs? So you don't really know what to choose as a roll-on or gua sha? This guide is there to guide you and give you all the basics for the right choice of massage tools.

Let's start with the basics, the Roll On Jade massage tools have several fields of action: The mechanical action of the tool in question and the energetic action of the stone associated with the tool, for a perfect and unique combo. You can have different tools with different stones thus adapting to your changing needs (during cycles for example).

Rose Quartz: Stone of the Woman par excellence. Stone recognized for millennia for its anti-aging properties. It helps fight against skin aging. It soothes dry and dehydrated skin. It helps to reduce marks and scars on the skin.

On the psychic level, it is a stone of gentleness, love and harmony. She accompanies during bereavement and emotional wounds. Helps develop confidence and deep self-love. It is a very good stone to have on your bedside table for peaceful nights.

Green Aventurine: It is the most recognized anti-blemish stone, it helps to fight against acne, acne micro-cysts, excessive sebum secretions and improves skin texture in general. She calms and soothes.

On the psychic level, it is The stone of zenitude! Very anti-stress, it develops self-control. It helps to develop new ideas while helping to develop compassion and tolerance for others. It helps to make the right choices.

Amethyst: It helps fight against skin problems such as acne and abscesses, calms allergies, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, rosacea, eczema...

It calms superficial irritations and burns, soothes dry and dehydrated skin. We call it the SOS Stone

On the psychic level, it is the stone of protection par excellence, very soothing, purifying. It helps to have an intuitive understanding of things and stimulates the imagination as well as creativity. Very good meditation stone.

Crystal Quartz: O xygenates the cells and prevents skin slackening.

Rock crystal strengthens the body in general and is considered a true "energy channel". Very effective against migraines. It's a great stone that acts on water retention, too.

On the psychic level, it is a stone of light and energy, it boosts, regenerates and strengthens everything around it. Also used to strengthen or clarify other stones. Highlights our own feelings.

Black Obsidian: Healing and restorative stone.

It has accelerated the healing of cuts, soothes tight skin, relieves pain and cervical arthritis, sprains, bruises.

On the psychic level, it is a powerful stone, resulting from volcanic rock. Stone of introspection par excellence. Stone of life force, protection and healing. It helps to repel harmful energies, dissolve anger. Helps in decision-making by bringing clarity. Helps find balance.

Now you know all about the secret of our stones. Good discovery of the site and if you have other questions, do not hesitate, we are here to help you!

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