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Gua sha pour le corps-Roll On Jade

Gua sha for the body

The trend for a few years in skincare is Gua Sha. The merit of this tool is praised everywhere on the internet and particularly on social networks. Several facial care specialists have adopted it and recommend it. So what about Body Gua Sha ? This is what will be explained in this guide by RollOnJade, a specialist brand in the field.

Gua Sha body: how to recognize it?

A priori, there is no real difference between the body Gua Sha and that used for the face. You could use your Face Gua Sha on the body but we have developed one specifically. It's bigger, sturdier and easier on the body. We created it in rock crystal, an ideal stone for the body since it is boosting, revitalizing and anti-water.

This ancestral tool has a multitude of virtues both on health and on the simply physical aspect of the skin. Moreover, in the Chinese language, the word "gua sha" means "to scratch the disease". Indeed, it is enough to scrape the skin of the body by means of this tool in a dynamic way. Therefore, the one who does it brings all diseases and impurities to the surface.

How to use Body Gua Sha?

From a therapeutic point of view, the Gua Sha body can be used on the back, the neck, the chest in order to come to relax and relax your tissues. From a more aesthetic point of view, the Gua Sha Body allows in particular to revive the microcirculation and to eliminate all the toxins, to take off and break the fats, it also allows to stimulate in depth certain areas of the body which tend to store and be less firm.

Some spiritual virtues of body gua sha

There are not only physical and skincare benefits that are provided by the ROJ Body Gua Sha. It is a tool made of natural stone and therefore alive, vibrant.

Rock crystal regenerates, boosts and oxygenates the cells, it prevents skin slackening. This stone strengthens the body in general and is considered a true "energy channel", it is also very effective against migraines. Crystal Quartz is often found in the fight against fat, making it possible to perpetuate the results obtained. It is also a very good stone against water retention.

You can purify and re-energize your stone tool with our purification products available on RollOnJade.

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