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6 cadeaux de Saint-Valentin à offrir (ou à s'offrir) cette année !-Roll On Jade

6 Valentine’s Day gifts to give (or to give yourself) this year!

We love Valentine's Day and the month of February: it's the time to please and find irresistible gifts , either for your loved one, or for yourself or your best friends (or when Valentine's Day becomes Galentine's Day!). Whatever it is, we all want to please with the right gift.

We reveal a selection of Roll On Jade gifts in this guide which will help you find the ideal gift for Valentine's Day.

The best Valentine's Day 2024 gifts for a skincare facial routine

The Black Box: the gift for Gua Sha experts

Gua Sha Ultimate Lift is the Gua Sha most appreciated by experts! Find it in the Black Box set with the Roll-On in Black Obsidian.

With its notched edge and unique angles, this Gua Sha co-created with Delphine Langlois offers formidable effectiveness for smoothing and sculpting your face.

The Roll On Jade moisturizing mask: the relaxation and anti-aging gift

The Roll On Jade hydrating mask is an ultra-soothing mask made from biocellulose (100% natural, from coconut water). The mask is made in France and its formula combines marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. The skin is glowy and hydrated! Use with a Cryo Roll-On or a natural stone Roll-On for even more relaxation.

Find the selection of Roll On Jade treatments, eye patches and face masks here!

Roll On Jade Dry Oil: a sublimating elixir that is suitable for all skin types!

Dry Oil is the versatile Roll On Jade treatment: suitable for all skin types, it enhances, smoothes and illuminates the skin, and is certified for use with Roll On Jade massage tools. This dry oil was created with jojoba, pomegranate and avocado oils, from organic farming.

The clinical results within 21 days* are excellent:
+95% for a more even complexion, smoother skin texture and nourished skin.
+100% for a treatment that suits all skin types, without causing spots.
+91% for skin that appears visibly younger, firmer, plumped and plump with smoothed fine lines and wrinkles.

*Clinical study and usage test carried out by our French laboratory.

The best Valentine's Day 2024 gifts for a body and well-being routine

The Body Slim Brush: the detox tool for dry brushing

Dry brushing is the step of a body routine with multiple benefits, an essential to offer for all people who like to take care of their body through massage or nutrition. By making small circular movements with the brush on dry skin, microcirculation is activated. It's a great way to eliminate toxins and boost immunity, while exfoliating the skin. Choose a quality natural bristle brush as a gift like the Body Slim' Roll On Jade Brush.

Gua Sha Body: the drainage gift for the body

Gua Sha for the body relaxes and sculpts ultra-effectively (legs, arms, neckline, etc.). By draining the lymph, the body eliminates accumulated waste and toxins, and the action of Gua Sha on the body is also anti-water retention and anti-fat. A gift to offer for moments of well-being at home: the Roll On Jade body Gua Sha is relaxing and perfect after a sports workout to relax the muscles.

The Roll-On Body Slim': the anti-fat body roller

Both for relaxing and draining, the Roll-On Body Slim' Roll On Jade is a versatile body tool: anti-water retention, anti-fat (including localized fat), its use is easy and practical, and it activates the penetration of treatments into the skin. A great gift for anyone looking for the most practical and easy body tool!

Find all the Roll On Jade body tools here for an effective health and well-being routine !

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