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"This Roller will help you get rid of your blemishes." Femininbio

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Poor circulation

Anti-blemishes Roller

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Poor circulation

The Roller in natural fine stone is an ancestral Chinese massage tool recognized for millennia. It promotes lymphatic drainage & improves blood circulation.

  • Drains and effectively depuffs
  • Improves the absorption of skincare products
  • Anti blemishes & skin irritations

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Anti-blemishes Roller alone
37.90 €
Purifying Duo
rollonvert2-Roll On Jade
Roller + 3 sets of face masks
55.62 €
61.80 €
Purifying Pack
rollonvert3-Roll On Jade
Roller + 3 sets of face masks + Dry Oil
78.96 €
98.70 €

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Why choose the anti-blemishes Roller?

The massage with the Roller drains, eliminates toxins and decongests the face. It is easy to use, for a bright complexion and moisturized skin in just a few minutes, relaxed facial muscles and reduced puffiness. It is the anti-blemishes and anti-aging tool that maximizes skincare penetration and effects.

Easy to use 100% natural stone Depuffs

3 minutes of wellness. Daily.

Provides an intense feeling of wellbeing

Skin gym is also about everyday wellbeing, a moment to yourself. The Roller easily relaxes and soothes.

Drains and depuffs

It is ideal to massage your face with a cold or hot Roller. It reduces puffiness and dark circles and activates lymphatic circulation.

Balances the energies

Massaging the face with the natural stone Roller helps to rebalance the body's energies and emotions.

Firms the skin

The Roller multiplies the effects of skincare products on the skin: hydration is increased tenfold for rapid results on wrinkles, fine lines and imperfections.

Morning or night ritual

The Roller is not made for using it alone. Follow this 10-minute routine for a firmer and younger skin.


Wash face

Use soap or a scrub before applying the dry oil. The goal is to eliminate impurities.

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Apply Dry Oil

Place a few drops in the palm of your hands, then massage into the face to moisturize and make tools glide more easily.

routine_roll_on_aventurine-Roll On Jade

3 minutes of Roller massage

Gently roll the Roller over inflamed or congested areas and over your dry oil or skincare product to help it penetrate the skin.

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3 minutes of Gua Sha massage

Prepare your lymph glands by massaging them (at the base of the neck and around the collarbones).

Save 19.74 €

The Purifying Pack

Ideal for an easy and effective purified skin. Contains a dry oil, 3 sets of face mask and an anti-blemishes Roller.

Melody, co-founder of Roll On Jade

"Simply blown away by the results".

"For a long time I had acne problems and very inflamed and irritated skin, which unfortunately left its mark on me... Using my tools on a daily basis has really helped me to regain plumped, smoother, less reactive skin and to fight all my marks and scars..."

avant-Roll On Jade
Before - Day 1
apres-Roll On Jade
After - Day 265
Les résultats peuvent varier en fonction de la peau. Chaque peau est différente.

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