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Lack of firmness
Water retention

Body Slim' Brush

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Lack of firmness
Water retention

Our dry brush for the body has been studied to be firm without being too hard, to effectively exfoliate and stimulate the skin. The skin is visibly smoother, softer, reduced "orange peel" effect... In short, a real gem.

  • Stimulates and reactivates blood and lymph circulation
  • Boosts the immunity system
  • Visibly eliminates fat and water retention

brossecorpsbrossecorps-Roll On Jade
Body Slim' brush alone
22.90 €
Duo Slim'
bundlebrossebodyguasha-Roll On Jade
Body Slim' brush + Body Gua Sha
66.42 €
73.80 €
Pack Body Slim'
Pack body slim' - bundle-Roll On Jade
Brush + Gua Sha + Roller
98.96 €
123.70 €

Other products

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Why choose the Body Slim' Brush?

Dry brushing is done quickly and efficiently before the shower. This routine fits perfectly into your daily life even if you don't have time! Dry brushing will reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins, limit water retention and firm the skin while eliminating fatty deposits. Dry brushing effectively boosts the overall detoxification of the body, boosts immunity and also exfoliates the skin to promote the evacuation of toxins.

Not too rough Natural hair Easy to carry

3 minutes of wellness. Daily.


Provides an intense feeling of wellbeing

Skin gym is also about everyday wellbeing, a moment to yourself. The Body Slim' Brush help recirculating blood and lymph for a boost of energy.

Boosts circulation

Dry brushing helps boost the body's detoxification by reactivating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Highly recommended for heavy legs, water retention and poor circulation.

Boosts immunity

Dry brushing also helps boosting the immune system, as it supports the eliminatory functions of the body's organs.

Smooths & firms

Dry brushing targets fatty deposits to leave you with a visibly firmer, softer, smoother skin with a reduced "orange peel" effect.

Morning or night ritual

The Body Slim' Brush is not made for using it alone. Follow this 10-minute routine for a firmer skin.


3 min of dry brushing

Before the shower, dry brush your body. We begin lymphatic drainage, that stimulates immunity and helps reducing cellulite.

ROUTINE_PRODUCT_SECTION_21_44d21f3c-c964-4433-9111-028a187957aa-Roll On Jade

Take a shower

Taking a shower is also the time to exfoliate your body if you wish and prepare it for the massage.


3 min of Gua Sha massage

Apply your body oil and perform massages with your body Gua Sha to stimulate, sculpt and massage the body in depth.

Routine_3min_Ridoki_Body-Roll On Jade

3 min of Ridoki Body massage

Finish the massage by targeting the body with the Ridoki to boost the elasticity of the skin and fight against scars and stretch marks.

Body Slim' Pack

The ideal slim body pack for a firmier skin.