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The history of our litho-energetic beauty tools is ancestral. The Roll-on and the Gua Sha are tools used for thousands of years by Asian women and more particularly by Chinese Elite women and the upper middle class. The latter considered these objects as precious and used them every day so that they were their number one beauty secret. "The jade roller was reserved for the elite in ancient China, when first rolled on the right side of our face, it is said to promote prosperity."

Several roll-ons have been found in the tombs of Chinese princesses...To take care of them until eternity... It is also said that they would have been used long before, by the Mayans and the African Egyptians as a therapeutic, massage and meditation tool for over 5000 years. Since all this time, this tool has traveled around the world and has gradually found itself in the "must have" beauty of all Asian women, and is becoming more and more known throughout Asia and the United States. . They are also tools that have been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and reflexology because they have a real therapeutic action.