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BEAUTY TIPS By Melody (Roll On Jade® Founder)

Tip n°1: Use your tool

Use your Roll-on or Gua Sha daily, 1 to 2 times a day for about 5 minutes on healthy, dry-cleaned skin or with a serum, vegetable oil, sheet mask, for example.

Be careful, the hygiene of your tool must be taken care of so as not to alter the quality of your skin.

Tip n°2: Decongest, tone and drain

Cold stone: Place your tool in the refrigerator before use to make it even cooler and to multiply all the benefits of the fine stone massage (decongestant and deeper toning effect).

Tip n°3: Relax your muscles, relax facial tensions

Hot stone: Place your tools in hot water before use to warm the stone. Having a hot stone will allow you to deeply relax your muscles and release all your facial tensions.

Tip n°4: Tool hygiene

Once your massage is complete, wipe down your tool. If you can, clean it with a little water and natural soap. Wipe it properly with a clean towel and put it back in its case or pouch. Once a week, we advise you to purify and recharge your stone using one of our geodes , for example.