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Stretch marks
Marks & scars
lack of elasticity

Ridoki Body

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Stretch marks
Marks & scars
lack of elasticity

Straight from Asia, the Ridoki Body is a tool extremely renowned for its effectiveness on the elasticity of the skin and scars. A small essential tool for your body care routine

  • Boosts the collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Smoothes scars and stretch marks
  • Improve the skin's condition

Bundle_Ridoki_Body_Transparent_Background_3-Roll On Jade
Ridoki Body
44.90 €
Slim duo
Bundle_Ridoki_Body_Transparent_Background_2-Roll On Jade
Ridoki + Brush
57.42 €
63.80 €
Body Slim Pack
Bundle_Ridoki_Body_Transparent_Background_1-Roll On Jade
Ridoki + Brush + Gua Sha
94.96 €
118.70 €

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Ridoki_Body_Why_Choosing-Roll On Jade

Why choose the Ridoki Body?

Renowned in reflexology and acupressure, Ridoki massages on the body help firm the skin, smooth it, stimulate certain important energy points and activate blood circulation. An essential tool to preserve the elasticity of your skin.

Waterproof Stainless steel Hypoallergenic

3 minutes of wellness. Daily.

3min_Ridoki_Body-Roll On Jade

Provides an intense feeling of wellbeing

Skin gym is also about everyday wellbeing, a moment to yourself. The ridoki allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Firms the skin

Thanks to its sharp spikes, the Ridoki will help boost the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which will deeply and visibly firm the tissues.

Balance the energies

Massaging the face with the Ridoki helps to rebalance the body's energies and emotions.

Smooths and plumps the skin

The Ridoki is one of the most effective tools for smoothing and plumping the skin. The massage helps reducing cellulite or scars.

The morning or night ritual

The Ridoki Body is not made for using it alone. Follow this 10-minute routine for a firmer and younger skin.


Prepare your skin

With our body brush for dry brushing, a few minutes before the shower.

ROUTINE_PRODUCT_SECTION_21_44d21f3c-c964-4433-9111-028a187957aa-Roll On Jade

Take a shower

Taking a shower is also the time to exfoliate your body if you wish and prepare it for the massage.


3 min of Gua Sha or Roller

Apply your body oil and perform massages with your body Gua Sha to stimulate, sculpt and massage the body in depth, or with your body Roller to drain and firm the skin.

Routine_Ridoki_Body-Roll On Jade

3 min of Ridoki Body massage

To finish the treatment well and have plump and smoothed skin. Its nubs target scars and stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

The Body Slim Pack

The ideal body pack for smooth and plump skin.


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